Author Guest Post: Viterbo nursing student

“When looking at long term care, I think many problems are faced by residents and barriers are always being found. The first one being there are never enough staff for each resident and sometimes I felt like I wasn’t providing as much patient satisfaction as I wanted too. I worked as a CNA in a nursing facility and some residents needed more care than others. To get them lifted out of bed and cleaned up could take a long time, and then you hear other call lights going off, but can’t always attend as fast as you want too. I think the ratio of health care workers to residents needs to be more equal to improve their quality of life.

Staffing is just one barrier, but I noticed other problems that could be improved on. I think there could be improvements in nutrition side as well. It’s important to provide a variety of meal options, while keeping it healthy. Sometimes I think nursing homes can steer away from that. They need more options to allow them to move around and not just sit all day.

Lastly, I think the high stress of working in a nursing home is the reason that many workers come and go more often then maybe in a hospital. I think sometimes people prefer that hospital setting and the pay is usually higher as well. I love my job as a CNA, but some of these problems can be heart breaking, especially when you look at how much it cost. I hope someday there will be more federal funding for those staying in nursing homes, along with an improvement in nutrition and more education on physical activity.”

Author Guest Post: Viterbo nursing student

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