Nursing Student Point of View

“From my experience working in a long term care facility, I do not feel that adequate staffing is generally provided. There are often residents that require complex care, but there is not enough staffing to provide the time that is necessary with the resident. In addition, many workers are pushed to work overtime hours because of inadequate staffing, leading to decreased productivity among the staff.

I feel that nursing staff in long term facilities tend to work more hours than the average nursing staff in other settings. This seems to be due to the inadequate staffing in long term facilities. This creates a time constriction that will probably not allow for individual residents to receive proper care. The overall environment of the facility will probably be greatly affected by this. Staff will have increased levels of stress, which will likely translate to how they care for their residents and interact with their coworkers.

If a facility’s census is decreasing, there would likely be decreased funding. This would mean that there would probably be less money for administrative and upkeep costs of the facility and less money that could go for staffing. Staffing positions may need to be cut and long term care facility may have a difficult time staying open.

Other staffing that is necessary for individuals to receive proper care would include dietary, custodial, and administrative staffing. Adequate nutrition is extremely important for these residents, so dietary staff will always be needed. Custodial staff will be needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment at all times. This may decrease the rates of infection throughout the facility and improve resident satisfaction with the facility. Lastly, administrative staff is necessary to take care of finances and staffing throughout the facility. Without these members of staff working together to assure that all individuals are properly cared for, long term care facilities would not be successful.

Compared to other health care settings, I think the overall staffing is lacking in long term care facilities. Because of the difficult working conditions, I think many people prefer to work in the hospital or clinic setting compared to long term care facilities. The inadequate staffing of many long term care facilities has many negative repercussions for the workers and residents of these facilities.

One barrier that may affect a resident’s access to long term care includes lack of funding. Some forms of insurance do not cover long term care and these facilities can be extremely expensive for the family members of the residents. Government assistance is sometimes available, but not all people have the insurance plans to provide an adequate amount of assistance to cover the high costs of long term care facilities.

One thing that I would like to see changed within long term care facilities in the United States would be increased funding in order to increase staffing. With the baby boomer population becoming elderly and a constantly increasing need for long term care placement, staffing needs to be increased to keep up with the demand. With increased staffing, it is hoped that staff will be able to adequately do their job in a safe environment and residents will receive the care that they need.”

Nursing Student Point of View

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